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Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists – The List So Far….

Posted by redracer on November 13, 2007

From HMV Japan’s web page, here is their ‘definative’ list – I gather from around 2003 ….

I could not find out what their criteria was, but I assume it would be from their own sales figures. As one of the largest music chains in Japan, I guess their figures would be rather indicative of the whole country.

There are a lot of names I have not heard of, and a lot of big names that are no longer active, as well as a lot of current big names that are not on the the list (and are never likely to be either !!)  – the highest current J-pop ‘star’ that I can see is Hikaru Utada @ #24 !!!

Many entries for persons as solo artists are also members of listed groups, giving them a ‘double’ entry 😆

It would be interesting to see a more up-to-date list since the rise since 2003 of artists like Kumi Koda etc.

(g) = group – 47, (m)=male artist – 34, (f)=female artist – 19

01. Southern All Stars (g)
02. Yellow Magic Orchestra (g)
03. Yumi Matsutoya – a.k.a. Yuming (f)
04. Happy End (g)
05. Hibari Misora (f – d.1989)
06. Tatsuro Yamashita (m)
07. Momoe Yamaguchi (f)
08. Yosui Inoue (m)
09. Eiichi Otaki (m) – also in 04.
10. Seiko Matsuda (f)
11. Ryuichi Sakamoto (m) – also in 02.
12. Keisuke Kuwata (m) – also in 01.
13. Motoharu Sano (m)
14. Eikichi Yazawa (m)
15. Flipper’s Guitar (2m)
16. RC Succession (g)
17. Kenji Sawada (m)
18. Kyu Sakamoto (m – d.1985)
19. Blue Hearts (g)
20. Miyuki Nakajima (f)
21. Tetsuya Komuro (m)
22. Boøwy (g)
23. Yutaka Ozaki (m – d.1992)
24. Hikaru Utada (f)
25. Tamio Okuda (m) – also in 61.
26. Mariya Takeuchi (f)
27. Mr Children (g)
28. Kazumasa Oda (m) – also in 32.
29. Spitz (g)
30. B’z (g)
31. Pizzicato Five (g)
32. Off Course (g)
33. Murahachibu (g)
34. Pink Lady (2f)
35. Tulip (g)
36. Ringo Shiina (f)
37. Toshinobu Kubota (m)
38. Char (m)
39. Godiego (g)
40. X Japan (g)
41. Yujiro Ishihara (m – d.1987)
42. Ayumi Hamasaki (f)
43. Keigo Oyamada – a.k.a. Cornelius (m) – also in 15.
44. Haruomi Hosono (m) – also in 02 & 04.
45. Dreams Come True (g)
46. Takuro Yoshida (m)
47. Anzen Chitai (g)
48. Checkers (g)
49. Candies (3f)
50. Yasuyuki Okamura (m)
51. Misia (f)
52. Minako Yoshida (f)
53. Namie Amuro (f)
54. Taeko Onuki (f)
55. Akina Nakamori (f)
56. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (m)
57. Alice (g)
58. L’Arc~en~Ciel (g)
59. Shogo Hamada (m)
60. Tatsuya Ishii (m) – from ‘米米CLUB’ (Kome Kome CLUB)
61. Unicorn (g)
62. Chage & Aska (2m)
63. Dragon Ash (g)
64. Hi-standard (g)
65. Glay (g)
66. Masayoshi Yamazaki (m)
67. Akiko Wada (f – zainichi korean)
68. Moon Riders (g)
69. Smap (g)
70. Tomoyasu Hotei (m – 190cm !) – also in 22.
71. Tokyo Ska Paradaise Orchestra (g)
72. Lisa Ono (f)
73. Blankey Jet City (g)
74. Quruli (g)
75. Roosters (g)
76. Kyosuke Himuro (m) – also in 22.
77. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (g)
78. Denki Groove (g)
79. Kenji Ozawa (m) – also in 15.
80. Yuzo Kayama (m)
81. Yellow Monkey (g)
82. Jacks (g)
83. Fishmans (g)
84. Noriyuki Makihara (m)
85. Ken Hirai (m)
86. Yonin Bayashi (g)
87. Rip Slyme (g)
88. Princess Princess  – a.k.a. Pur-Puri (g)
89. Original Love (g)
90. Luna Sea (g)
91. Mute Beat (g)
92. Alfee (g)
93. Hiroshi Fujiwara (m)
94. Sadistic Mika Band (g)
95. Mondo Grosso (g)
96. Judy And Mary (g) – singer was current J-pop artist ‘Yuki’.
97. Zeebra (m)
98. Crazy Ken Band (g)
99. Kaori Murakami – a.k.a. UA (f)
100. Begin (g)

… and here is their list of the top 30 ‘singers’ ….

01. Tatsuro Yamashita
02. Momoe Yamaguchi
03. Keisuke Kuwata (from Southern All Stars)
04. Hibari Misora
05. Yumi Matsutoya
06. Kazumasa Oda (from Off Course)
07. Seiko Matsuda
08. Kazutoshi Sakurai (from Mr Children)
09. Yosui Inoue
10. Hikaru Utada
11. Eiichi Otaki
12. Kyu Sakamoto
13. Kenji Sawada
14. Akiko Yano
15. Motoharu Sano
16. Miyuki Nakajima
17. Eikichi Yazawa
18. UA
19. Kiyoshiro Imawano (from RC Succession)
20. Mariya Takeuchi
21. Shogo Hamada
22. Tamio Okuda (from Unicorn)
23. Akiko Wada
24. Masamune Kusano
25. Yutaka Ozaki
26. Keisuke Makihara
27. Miwa Yoshida (from Dreams Come True)
28. Ringo Shiina
29. Taeko Onuki
30. Ken Hirai

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Before you send some stupid comment saying why isn’t my favourite artist “….” included, check the date of the survey – quite possibly they weren’t around or well known then !!!!!


89 Responses to “Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists – The List So Far….”

  1. Yukimura Hamasaki said

    Okay so Anzen Chitai makes the list but no Koji Tamaki….Also if TK is up there, shouldnt TM Network be here also? and Takashi Utsunomiya

  2. hikarufanz said

    Where’s Kalafina??
    Where’s Chihara Minori??
    Where’s YUI??
    Where’s Nakagawa Shoko??
    Where’s see-saw??

  3. Smileface said

    Where is ZARD? Dammit, she supposed to be in the list. She also consider to be one of a successful singer of the time! Objection!!!

  4. Yami said

    Well.. If Ayumi Hamasaki is in this top 100, i ask myself.. where had we gone to.? she cant sing. sorry but its my opinion.
    and x japan just #40..~
    i know a few of these bands and musicans but.. #1 – #30 i never heard about.. so i dont think these are the best musicans.

    • Saori said

      They’re mostly older musicians that were really famous but don’t appear on the media anymore, you probaly don’t know because you like more actual musicians

  5. Takamori fan said


  6. Joja said

    Chage & Aska are the best, I love them.

  7. Breanna said

    what about AKB48?!?! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?!?

  8. belen said

    the only japanese band i know of this list is mr children, and they are really great, i have all their records, eventhough i cant understand what they say cuz my native language is spanish, neither english 🙂 but i love them, i love nico touches the walls as well. greetings from argentina

  9. Keitorin said

    Where’s Daichi Miura?!?!?!?! D:

  10. ss said

    wat about gackt he rulzzzzz

  11. Anastaciana said

    Where is SID?

  12. Mikuni Aizawa said

    Where is Mami Kawada????!!!!

  13. mpingaring said

    ZARD and ELT should be on the list. Their music on rising in 90’s and so influential with j-pop last decades. Laruku too..

  14. where’s maki goto?
    i didn’t see her

  15. Where are my favs??? said

    Why is namie amuro so unpopular T.T Shouldnt zeebra and mummy D, DOUBLE, Krystal Kay be up there also?

    • MoMoCHu said

      I’m also shocked that Namie is so down low, but then again this was in 2007 and she lost most of her fans around the time of 2003-2006 not sure when, but she’s doing great now with her uncontrolled album XD

  16. Dubya724 said

    YUKI (Isoya) awesome artist.

  17. Justin said

    Nanase Aikawa, Boa And Rurutia!!! Fix your list.:P

  18. Joshua Galvan said

    I just barely started getting into Japanese music and so far, my favorite artists are classic artists. Kyu Sakamoto, Off Course, Tatsuro Yamashita, and a few other people on this list also happen to be pretty good as well.

  19. oscar said

    why zard is not on the list? she was the most popular female singer in the 90´s, and is 8th on the sales list

  20. Julienlovestama said

    How about Tama? Love them ! So funny.

  21. Zikaru said

    I think the list is in random order. Perhaps the person who made this was too lazy to rank it based on sales or popularity or whatsoever. Coz no way Mika Nakashima is not on the list. I mean come on, she’s way more popular than some female singer’s in the above. And seeing that L’Arc en Ciel is on no. 58?? That’s BS. They’re the greatest Japanese band ever (aside from X-Japan).

  22. Leonard said

    It’s laughable that neither Hideaki Tokunaga and Masaharu Fukuyama are there, though I have to agree with the top 10. And to those whining about not seeing their anime bands, Japan’s music is soooo much more than anime.

  23. Melody said

    There is no UVERworld on here. Epic Phail. Ayu should be like number one or 2. I don’t know any one who listens to Hibari Misora there days except for my grandmother.

    • sime47 said

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!! AYUMI IS THE BEST!!!! And where are Mika Nakashima, Kou Shibasaki, YUI, even Ai Otsuka is better than some of these. :)))

    • Saori said

      Even if people don’t always listen Misora Hibari they know who she is and already have listened to one of her hits. It’s been a lot of years since she died but until now no one can compare with her voice and technic

  24. ニック said

    i was really sad when i didnt see the vocaloids in there

  25. millie47 said

    even though this post is about years ago i’m still like WTH, why is Ayumi Hamasaki on the 42nd spot??? seriously man! if not whole, like more than half the population of Japan is complaining. She has been a great influence of Japan. this list is OUTDATED. psssh.

  26. Tobi G said

    Shiina Ringo should be higher on the list lol…specially that she released one of the best japanese album in 2003 and it’s shameful that Jun Togawa is not even on the list

  27. mato_matt said

    Some of my favorites are actually low on the list… Like Ayumi and Namie Amuro >.<

    If anyone wants to stay updated on JPOP ARTISTS, check out tokyofever.com

    I think they update daily with news! =]

  28. sherijan said

    oh gosh. How could it be that Ayu’s #42!? To date, she’s the 3rd Best Selling Artist of Japan (and probably in Asia). She appeared in Telly commercials for over 650 times! Well, I can’t blame this for being like 4 or 5 yo. Ayumi Hamasaki was once touted as Japan’s “Personified Music Market,” the Asian “Madonna,” and “Empress of Pop,” which is true even now. She’s the prime legend of the japanese pop music for over a decade, and we are living on her dynasty. 🙂

  29. Janrae Mendoza said

    and where the hell is Mai Kuraki in this list…? isn’t she a better singer than Ayumi Hamasaki…? hehe, thank you for the one who posted this top 100

  30. Diana said

    I love Luna Sea the great group!!!! Seesons

  31. Kensuke said

    I love jpop for its variety, uniqueness and inventiveness though less sophisticated than US and UK pop. There are, though, a lot of bands that sounds so similar to each other. The number one on my personal list would be Orange Range.

  32. Falfore said

    Any Suggestions on a good jpop band aqua timez is getting a little old( and nightmare, and cold rain, and nico touches the walls, ect.) 🙂

  33. Boni said

    if it were done by talent such as song writing and other aspects i still believe
    Ayumi hamasaki should be up there. She writes the lyrics to all her songs and composes some of them as well
    such as “M” Which was one of her biggest hits. Mr. Frustrated its been 3 years since your post but wtv
    i still feel like responding. Ayumi Hamasaki (as you can tell im a fan) doesn not simply stand there and do what people tell her
    if you were more informed about her artistry then you wouldnt have made such an ignorant comment.
    Ayumi hamasaki holds creative control over all her music. She is encharge of the lyrics, the concept of her albums and singles, and of all the photography and covers. She may benefit from being with Avex but that just means her music and talent can be spread to more people.
    thx and i dont expect a reply.

  34. NyNy said

    I would have thought artists such as Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Morning Musume and Ayumi Hamasaki would have been on the list. I can’t understand why Namie Amuro is #53!!

  35. J-Stuff Noob said

    damn, i like all the newver japanese stuff hahaha

    like dir en grey, d’espairsray, girugamesh etc

    though l’arc and X are some of my favs of all time

    wouldn’t’ve minded seeing them higher :/

    and i agree with whoever went through l’arcs talent; they are genious’

  36. Maya said

    I’m glad that the Momusu’s (Morning Musume) Sales rankings are so good! I mean they have the title of ‘best overal numbers 1s for an all girl band in japan’ They have also sold the most for a girl band.

    L’Arc~en~Ciel! WOW!!! -Old FMA and Code Geass memories returning-

    Pink lady are cool to.


    Berryz koubou and c-ute, i expected them to get in! Well atleast berryz.

    I’m sure all my faves are on the list by now ❤

  37. doeswin said

    I agree for each people saying that
    1. The list is made in 2003, which means not updated.

    2. The list must not being taken seriously. It’s just a list which always contain self-opinion, though it’s already made to be as neutral as possible.

    3. The ideal list should be viewed from many aspects, from best-selling, best-influence, best-skill, and less-bad-songs-ever-released.

    4. Any kind of list is ALWAYS out-of-date. Why? because the list ALWAYS made before YOUR DISAGREEMENT. ^0^

  38. Mr. Suprised said

    hey where is angela aki on this list she is awsome.

  39. tylerfinesse said

    This list must be about 6 yrs old now… It would be much different now… The list doesn’t even mention Koda Kumi… though now she is a very popular and great performer now. And there are many more who would be mentioned on this list if it would be rewritten now.

  40. Lootrock@youtube.com said

    @ #32:

    People like you should listen to more Jap music, not just anime music.

  41. anime fan said

    i know i’m a litle biased.. but i think High and Mighty Color and Tamaki Nami deserve to be on the list. if you watch as much anime as i do, you can actually tell that they have a higher quality of music as compared to many others. also, i’m not sure about their popularity but thay seem to be dong well in japan.

  42. justaguy said

    the top of the pops list based on influence and cultural impact is nearly spot on…

    except for komuro, hamasaki, and amuro needing be higher.

    as for the top 30 “singers”… lol.

  43. shoei12 said

    i agree with the list…its not just about talent in singing but in all aspects…like the song writing and how influential the artist are

  44. jpnstrike said

    I’m pretty sure that this list is definitely based on how “influential”. Because YMO(Electronica),Happy End(Rock),Tatsuro Yamashita(Folk rock), and Miyuki Nakajima(fusion of folk,trad and Enka) completely changed Japanese music history.

    In western nations, so many old but essential artists like Beatles,Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan usually have quite high rank in this kind of list. It’s the same thing.

  45. ajikan said

    what with this list?

    i can’t see asian kung-fu generation.

    they’re the best!

  46. jeff said

    @Deborah, after the first sentence its like, screw that, who cares what you think. Its because most people ARN’T japanese, so if they are interested in japanese music, Larc en Ciel is pretty popular in alot of place.
    Although you might not be reading what im saying, “GO AWAY! Go somewhere else and hate some other people.”.

    Yeah, a little evil there, but i just like Larc en Ciel.

    @jaired im disappointed too, but oh well, this list is like 6 years old.

    P.S. Wasnt gackt around at that time? or was he not very popular.

  47. jerry said

    haha. shena ringo is in both list!!!!!!!love her!!!!!!!

  48. jaired said

    i think laruku deserves to be in a higher rank…theyr’e really talented.lo0k at their c0ncerts, its always crowded…they’re unique and their s0ng are always 0n t0p
    of the hits,so why,?

  49. Deborah said

    I love how L’Arc~en~Ciel fans ALWAYS have to expose their very own opinion that this band is the only one talented in Japan. It’s pathetic.

    Of course, this is a polemic list, because many things feel wrong there. It might help to know what were the criteria after all. But obviously it wasn’t based on sales figures or talent. But then, on what?

    Some thing I’d like to point out:
    No Masaharu Fukuyama? How come? I’m not a fan, but that guy is considered really talented and has been popular for over 15 years. Really popular, I mean. He has all the qualities to be at the top 30 artists.

    Glay is an example of extreme popularity, with records and all, and also recognized talent and by no means they should be below the top 30 also.

    On the other hand, although “Southern All Stars” is also an extremely popular and respected act, they shouldn’t be considered the #1 act, higher than myths like “Misora Hibaru” or Michiya Mihashi (who didn’t even make it to the list by the way).

    I won’t even mention all the ridiculous names that made it.

    The list is enjoyable, though. Every list based on opinion is supposed to be polemic. The problem is that people usually don’t know that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I’ve seen many people promoting their artists saying they were #– on this list, as if it meant something.

  50. Le Hob said

    Hehehe any time a list like this is made, disagreements will always occur. What were the rules for making the list? A mixture of sales figures and votes? Maybe votes from well-known musicians?
    I just enjoy looking at lists like these and finding out about new or old artists that I’d never heard of. I hadn’t even heard of Misora Hibari until a list like this came out a few years ago, and after doing a bit of research, I found out she is like a Goddess is Japan, on a Frank Sinatra level.
    And people always come out to defend their favourite artists – so I feel inclined to listen to them one more time, maybe give them another chance. Just like L’arc-en-ciel or Ayumi.

  51. charasune said

    What about Jun Togawa?!!! I can’t believe they left her out D: Any list of important japanese musicians is incomplete without her.

  52. lala said

    I don’t know. Many of them who don’t deserve to be at the top are there. I don’t like b’z’s singing although I like their songs and same for dreams come true good songs but bad vocalist. Elt is just the opposite. Good vocalist but boring pop songs. Trf is not so good. The ones who really deserve to be atop are Miki imai, Utada Hikaru, Nakajima Miyuki, Kyoko Koizumi and those who compose. I hate the band concept though I like the duo concept.

  53. Sherlyn said

    I think Namie Amuro should be a little higher on the list.
    She should be higher than Ayumi Hamasaki.

  54. Cristian said

    Happy end! I love that band

  55. chakal!! said

    eh…….and…beat crusaders…?

  56. Noir Lys said

    I totally agree with Remy.

  57. Remy said

    How about L’Arc~en~Ciel? If we base it all on talent, almost no one can compare to how Ken plays his guitar, have u ever heard of Vivid Colors? Caress of Venus? Hitomi no Juunin? Jojoushi? Man…. Now let’s go to Yuki, listen to how he plays the drums at daybreak’s bell, caress of venus, snow drop. Tetsu, the bassist, puts all the others down with Bass lines of Honey, Daybreak’s Bell, Blurry Eyes, Flower. Now, for Hyde, he’s a very good lyricist as well, and composer. They should be placed in the top 20s at least.

  58. Jun said

    It is not sales based. And the idiot who posted the “sales” list, where is the great Michiya Mihashi, who became the first Japanese musician to sell more than 100 million records, and today has almost 200 million sales. Among all the other great Japanese artists.

  59. Laura said

    The sales-based list is interesting, and does seem a little closer to which artists I hear about more, which seem more popular and so on.

    The main thing I can think of that would be an advantage of not simply using sales numbers is that music audiences have varied, and also, although I believe music sales in Japan have done well at all times, changes in the economy might also effect that. So older artists like Momoe Yamaguchi, who have been extremely influential on the pop music scene, might not have as many sales, but are significant figures in Japanese pop music.

  60. nicole said

    i believed ayumi deserves to be top not just because of her ability to write fantastic lyrics. she has a great voice, able to sing live and has amazing music videos. although u might say other artists can do that too but it was not shown on the oricon chart. not forgetting ayumi has been singing for the past 10yrs. to be popular for such a long period of time is what not many celebrities are able to achieve. that we must take note. if u were to say songwriting is not respectable, ask all other singers to write their own songs too! see where they land in their career.
    furthermore, most band groups are ‘more popular’ because they have different members ‘attracting’ different fans which in turns expands their fan base, ayumi and other soloist singers such as utada and namie are still able to surpass most band groups. this is because they are superior singers.

    and finally, if u do not understand what the singers are singing, do not critise them as you are in no position to do so (:

  61. Ivy said

    yeah, I agree with JJ, X Japan deserves much better recognization

  62. redracer said

    Thanks for your support Christina. I know that Music Station produces credible list – I just published the HMV list for interest, and it has certainly created a stir !!!

    Yes, Hamasaki does have a lot of control, and I think that is based on her earning potential, not just because of her talent – but that it not to say she is not talented. I like some artists that do not write their own lyrics, let alone their music, but that does not mean that they are not talented. However as an ex-musician myself, I do appreciate someone who can write good music – however I have never worried too much about lyrics myself, especially Japanese ones that I do not even understand.

  63. Christina said

    The list from Music Station is the correct list and is based on sales. But there is no need to bash the artists on the list, especially if you don’t have an informed opinion about them to begin with. Ayumi for example, has always written her own lyrics (in fact in Japan one of the things she is most well known for is her lyrics – even being given awards for them). It’s common in Japan to find people who don’t like her, but that say she is a great lyricist. She has also composed several of her songs – in fact most of her biggest hits were composed herself. (anything that says, music by CREA is hers) and she is also in control of almost every artistic concern from PVs to her tours. (but such things are very rare in the Japanese music industry and she is probably one of the only female artists to have so much control.)

    And even the artists like SMAP who don’t write or produce anything, I would never say have no talent and don’t deserve to be there.

  64. redracer said

    Nobody ever said the list(s) had anything to do with talent, and in the entertainment industry world wide, talent has not a lot to do with the amount of success, unfortunately. Both lists are based on sales figures, and that comes from what people like you or I buy. Again unfortunately, many people have more taste in their mouth than in their musical selections …

  65. TheFrustrated said

    I’ve thought very clearly about what I had to say.
    So we both agree that this list isn’t ranked by talent then?

    I’m sorry, but seeing a lack of true musical genious on that list sort of gets me fired up.

    Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word BS. Maybe that word is what got you fired up.
    I admit I should have said it differently, and I am sorry for triggering your anger.

    But I still stand strong on this.

    I called it BS not by my criteria. It doesn’t matter whether an artist I like or don’t like gets ranked as high as I wanted. I can recognize talent. No, not those who write lyrics and sing and dance. I’m talking about the real genious’s behind the music. Some people can do this on their own. But most cannot.
    The artists that can do this consistantly and do it well I’d say are talented. But those who do not, I believe do not belong on the list.

    That’s the ONLY reason why I feel that way.
    Now, before you post. All I want you to do is understand that talent is better then status.

  66. redracer said

    You are entitled to your opinion, and you might think the list is BS based in YOUR criteria, but that hardly qualifies it as being accurate. Anyway, try to do your posting as a better time of day when you can read and assimilate what is actually being said, and think more clearly about what you are saying in reply …

  67. TheFrustrated said

    However, I do agree with artists such as Keisuke Kuwata and Ryuichi Sakamoto. I don’t even really like them though.

    Buttttttttt, I’m not insulting you or any artists you like at all. Or anyone on that list for that matter. I’m sorry if this upset you. When it comes to things like these, I have to say something.

  68. TheFrustrated said

    You said “I could not find out what their criteria was, but I assume it would be from their own sales figures.”

    So I posted the official top 50 best selling artists in Japan. So therefore, your list wasn’t done by sells figures.
    There’s only like 1.5 years difference between our lists.

    I said the list was BS because many of those artists are highly ranked yet they do very little to get that high of a status. Some of them are just pop-divas who get all of their music made for them by their record labels. All they do is look pretty and sing. And sell like crazy for it. And they’re put on a list of TOP Artists? Obviously this list wasn’t done by talent.
    Ayumi, Namie Amuro, Rip Slyme, SMAP for example, shouldn’t even be on that list.

    And the truly talented such as B’z, GLAY, Utada Hikaru, Mr.Children, deserve a higher rank and not the AVEX-produced pop-stars who do very little to get where they are today.

    Then again, the sells list isn’t done by talent either. That’s why Ayumi and Morning Musume for example, are on it. It’s all about the money.

    You may have noticed that I may have been picking on some artists that you might like. (Ayumi, Amuro) I don’t dislike them or their music, but I’m using them as prime examples of those who have little talent and high sells and status.

    I posted because it was like 4 in the morning and I wanted something to do. And I was bored.

  69. redracer said

    Well if it is BS Mt Frustrated, then don’t bother post !!!!

    You are saying the list is WRONG, when I have already made it very clear that both the date and the source of the information are different. And I don’t remember Maria Carey being Japanese ???

  70. TheFrustrated said

    It’s BS. It’s not done by sells figures. If it was, it would look more like

    Rank Artist Sale
    1 B’z 75,614,000
    2 Mr. Children 50,635,000
    3 Southern All Stars 47,083,000
    4 Hamasaki Ayumi 45,528,000
    5 DREAMS COME TRUE 40,893,000
    6 Matsutoya Yumi 37,790,000
    7 GLAY 35,800,000
    8 ZARD 35,450,000
    9 Utada Hikaru 32,160,000
    10 CHAGE & ASKA 31,220,000
    11 Matsuda Seiko 29,260,000
    12 GLOBE 28,600,000
    13 SMAP 28,400,000
    14 L’Arc~en~Ciel 25,760,000
    15 Amuro Namie 25,750,000
    16 Nakamori Akina 25,100,000
    17 TUBE 23,880,000
    18 Ohguro Maki 21,890,000
    19 Every Little Thing 21,630,000
    20 TRF 21,500,000
    21 Nakajima Miyuki 21,310,000
    22 KinKi Kids 20,790,000
    23 Nagabushi Tsuyoshi 20,380,000
    24 Makihara Noriyuki 19,830,000
    25 SPEED 19,280,000
    26 Fukuyama Masaharu 18,760,000
    27 Itsuki Hiroshi 18,700,000
    28 Kome Kome CLUB 18,320,000
    29 SPITZ 18,290,000
    30 MISIA 17,150,000
    31 Yamaguchi Momoe 16,190,000
    32 Himuro Kyosuke 15,710,000
    33 Inoue Yosui 15,670,000
    34 Sawada Kenji 15,660,000
    35 Go Hiromi 15,620,000
    36 Morning Musume 15,470,000
    37 Mori Shinichi 15,400,000
    38 CHECKERS 15,300,000
    39 Imai Miki 15,220,000
    40 Nakayama Miho 14,970,000
    41 Kudou Shizuka 14,820,000
    42 Koizumi Kyoko 14,230,000
    43 Kuraki Mai 14,220,000
    44 JUDY AND MARY 14,130,000
    45 Matsuyama Chiharu 14,030,000
    46 Yazawa Eikichi 13,930,000
    47 WANDS 13,730,000
    48 T-BOLAN 13,610,000
    49 Mariah Carey 13,460,000
    50 Takeuchi Mariya 13,400,000

    These are Single + album + collection sales in Japan (up to 2005)
    From Music Station 2005.04.01

    I think that some artists who make very of their own music don’t deserve a high ranking though on the list that you shared, with all due respect. Such as Ayumi.

    The bands with real feats and talet such as GLAY, B’z, and Mr.Chidren I’d say are the ones that should be on top.

  71. redracer said

    Don’t forget that this list is 4 years old, and Ayumi has had considerable success since 2003, so naturally her entry would be higher today. Don’t know about X Japan though …

  72. JJ said

    I think X Japan and Ayumi Hamasaki deserve higher ranks. I mean, #40 and #42, respectively? Aren’t those a bit low? They’ve done much more do acquire just that.

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