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Australian internet sucks !!!

Posted by redracer on June 18, 2007

The Melbourne ‘Age’ newspaper published an article today comparing internet access, services and speed in major cities around the world …

The cities were rated on broadband speed, cost and availability, wireless internet access, technology adoption, government support for technology, education and technology culture & future potential. The top 10 are …

  1. Seoul (Korea)
  2. Singapore
  3. Tokyo (Japan)
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Stockholm (Sweden)
  6. San Francisco and Silicon Valley (USA)
  7. Tallinn (Estonia)
  8. New York (USA)
  9. Beijing (China)
  10. New Songdo City (Korea)

Notice that the majority of them are in Asia ??

  1. Seoul has 3 Mb wireless broadband, and broadband is available to 4 ot ouf 5 housholds at the cost of A$40 a month for 100Mbps speeds. 9 out of 10 people have mobile phones and 2 million Koreans watch digital TV on their phone whilst riding public transport etc.
  2. 65% of Singaporeans have broadband which will shortly be free, and the government is planning a 1Gbps service by 2012.
  3. Tokyo has had a 3G mobile network for 3 years now, and you can now use your phone to buy from vbending machines and convenience stores, as well as pay for and use railway tickets. 75% of Japanese have a 100Mbps broadband at around A$30 per month.
  4. Hong Kong has a similar service for A$40 per month, enjoyed by 73% of the population. They also have 70 channels of digital TV available over the broadband network.
  5. Stockholm has the best broadband speeds in the OECD, and mobile phones can be used in conjunction with RFID tags on consumer goods to automatically charge groceries to your phone bill.
  6. San Francisco, being the home of Google, Intel etc is a technology geeks heaven and wireless internet at 1Mbps is being implemented in Silicon Valley.
  7. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is only a small city, but has learnt from it’s proximity to Scandinavian and provides free wireless internet thoughout the whole city.
  8. New York is also providing similar services to it’s West coast rival, with a multitude of wireless hotspots.
  9. Beijing is gearing up for the 2008 Olympic Games and has is implementing a 3G network that will be used for mobile TV and streaming video to games visitors mobiles.
  10. New Songdo City is a brand new “technology city” being built south of the capital Seoul, and all information systems will be linked and accessible through a user’s smartcard. Construction has commenced, and it is supposed to be ready in 2010. Here is their web site.

So how does my lovely city of Sydney rate ? God know where it was on the list – I think there were two embarrassed to publish the score, even though Melbourne people hate Sydney anyway, and should have liked to have seen Sydney squirm. However I am sure Melbourne is not much better than us.

The NSW Government has announced that by 2008 some CBD areas will have free wireless broadband. Most mobiles are used as telephones only, as 3G mobile services have only started to be made available recently. The average broadband speed is 1Mbps and many plans are only 256Kbps. And for that you pay around A$60 per month – if you want over 1Mbps, you can pay as much as A$110 per month.

You can see why I am still using dial-up 🙄

You can read the whole story here …


6 Responses to “Australian internet sucks !!!”

  1. i like wireless internet because you can surf anywhere and you can avoid those ethernet cables ~.,

  2. Anti Aging Products : said

    wireless internet is simply the best though sometimes the signal fluctuates depending on the weather condition _

  3. Jeff Engert said

    Politicians are definitely part of the problem in this case. Its so easy for them to sit around in parliament bickering like school children when they’re not the ones living through the consequences of the decisions they make.

    I mean look at this nonsense about the proposed internet filter… they are clearly disregarding the opinions of industry experts who have far more operational knowledge of how the Internet works than they do. And if they do pass that through and impose it on us… its going to make our already terrible Internet a whole lot worse.

    Sometimes I can’t help but think that our politicians are proud of our status as a technological backwater. I know its not that simple, but they’re too scared of change to seize upon the full potential of technology.

  4. Bill said

    Without wanting to be political because both partys have had opportunity to fix the problem. I live in NE Victoria and can only get 14kbps on a landline. Liberals signed a contract to have wireless rolled out accross Australia It was contracted to be finished by the end of 2009. Labour cancelled that contract saying Telstra would do optic fibre at twice the cost of the first contract. Now The government says it will take $42B to get optic fibre to only 80% of the population. What about the rest of us? In our area optic fibre already existed as it does in a lot of Australia. Our local exchange is even upgraded. Problem is Telstra wont provide adsl because they say the landlines to houses are not adequate. I asked when they would be upgrading those. Wait for it! the answer was never! They say their focus is on wireless. So much for Labour’s research, market understanding and ability to make good sound decisions for the good of this country concerning one of the most important communication issues facing the private and commercial world. The stupidity and moronic behaviour of our public service for not understanding the industry and the issues is incomprehensible. It is embarrassing to admit that we the lucky country are being kept from services that third world countries take for granted. Make you wonder why. Why are we kept from decent technology? People say it is our low population to land mass and the affordability. Rubbish! Smaller economies than our are using wireless and it is cheaper than the outdated optic fible to install and maintain. And it could reach everyone

  5. alastrian said

    One of several reasons I really want to leave this country… we’ve always been lagging behind much of the world when it comes to technology. Its just in this case, we’re talking about what is perhaps the most important technology of our time.

    When I was over in Michigan visiting my girlfriend at that time (yeah she’s American), she was getting, for the same price as my internet plan a much faster connection with no download limit. My plan was 1Mbps with a 12 gigabyte download limit. I recently upgraded my plan to a 25 gig download limit which is going to be $10 more each month.

    I mean come on… this was right in the middle of Michigan, far away from any American city on that list, and their internet is in far better shape than that of Australia’s biggest cities. The state of our internet is embarrassing.

  6. Tony The Pony said

    i’ve been to the states and the philippines. how the hell can a
    so called 3rd world country like the philippines have unlimited
    no shaping internet for only $35???

    im embarrassed every single time i tell my relatives and friends
    from overseas that my internet provider has a 12 gb limit and it
    slows down to 64 kbps after that 12 gb limit is used.

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