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It’s Official – Sydney has the ‘World’s Worst Trains’

Posted by redracer on March 23, 2007

Official studies have now proven what disgruntled commuters have been saying all along … a report was commissioned by Cityrail (the authority that runs the commuter service in the greater Sydney area,but is more often called ‘Shityrail’, even by employees) last year, but the when it was completed, the findings were so embarrassing that Cityrail CEO Vince Graham did not present them to the Transport Minister or other rail authorities. Now they have been leaked to the media, less than a week before the state election 😆

The Hong Kong company Mass Transit Railway Corporation compared Sydney’s metro system with others around the world for efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and maintenance. They found that the system was hopelessly below EVERY other city on EVERY key indicator, even comparing to cities in South American and Asia.

Here are some of the sorry statistics …

Operating cost per passenger

  1. Sydney – $6.70
  2. N. America – $1.42
  3. S. America – 0.98c
  4. Europe – 0.98c
  5. Asia – 0.69c

Maintenance cost per carriage km

  1. Sydney – $1.23
  2. N/S. America – $0.84c
  3. Europe – $0.72c
  4. Asia – 0.61c

Kilometers between incidents causing delays of 5 minutes or more

  1. Sydney – 32km
  2. World average – 60km
  3. Hong Kong – 396km

Driving time vs paid time

  1. Sydney – 40%
  2. Hong Kong – 70%

If the drivers & guards are only spending 40% of their shift on a train, what the fuck are they doing the rest of the time ? Certainly not memorising the timetables that they don’t follow 😦

It was calculated that improving staffing inefficiencies alone would save between $70-120 million  a year 🙄

Of course now that the bigwigs have heard about the report, they just dismiss it saying that our system, with 2,000 kms of track & 300 stations, doesn’t compare to others in the world in size etc, so the comparision are not valid !!! Railcorp CEO Vince Graham said comparing Sydney’s train system with railways in other major cities is like comparing apples and oranges. “There is no metropolitan rail system anywhere in the world that has the same geography, the same patronage, the same number of stations as the Cityrail network,” Mr Graham told reporters. “It is important here to compare apples with apples and not apples with oranges.” Get your heads out of your arses guys, and have a look around – $250,000 was wasted on 17 Railcorp execs flying to overseas destinations (in one case for around a month !!) to study other systems, and they still can’t see any problems ????  These dickheads even claim that Sydney’s rail system is one of the most complex in the world – they obviously didn’t include Japan on their overseas junket, and have a look at how well Tokyo can run a system that has 2 million commuters pass through ONE station in ONE day !!!!

Just last week, one small breakdown on the Harbour Bridge caused 4,000 people to be trapped inside closed trains with no air conditioning for up to 3 hours, and 40,000 others were stranded without any way to get home. This week a major drug operation across the network was cancelled in case it caused problems and generated more ‘bad publicity’, after police had spent a month getting the operation organised !!!

And another problem is that reports show up to five commuters a week are collapsing in sweltering conditions on overcrowded trains, where temperatures regularly soar above 35C. The fainting rate peaks in summer as passengers put up with an ageing Cityrail fleet in which only about half the carriages are air-conditioned, with some more than 35 years old. More than a third of the 1500-carriage fleet will remain non-air-conditioned until at least 2010, with temperatures regularly more than 35C during summer. The sweaty conditions on Cityrail carriages contravene the Federal Government’s guidelines for the transport of live animals – including battery hens.

Well , what else can I say  – except they still expect us to vote them back in again this weekend ???


6 Responses to “It’s Official – Sydney has the ‘World’s Worst Trains’”

  1. antsketch said

    I don’t mind the trains in Sydney. In fact, I use them as inspiration for my drawing.


  2. redracer said

    Eric, you should leave some details so poeple can get in contact with you if they are interested in your campaign …

  3. Eric Ng said

    Re: CityRail Post

    Dear Redracer,
    We are graphic designers that are interested in creating a campaign to put pressure on City Rail, using mass communication techniques such a posters and bill boards to inform commuters as to the dire need for change to our rail infrustructure and service/sector management. We too share the same views that you share about the the helpless state of Railcorp, and aim to question and evoke change into such issues. As this campaign is going to be an information design piece, we are wondering if you have any additional statistics, other than whats on your blog, that would be largely appreciated. Also, we were wondering where you sourced your information from, as this would be important to add credibility to the data.

    Eric Ng, Joram Salisbury.

  4. Tom said

    It’s disappointing to see Australia’s train system is so poor (at least in Sydney). I don’t understand why more of the rich, developed countries don’t have better rail systems. Or at least some of them. Much of Europe has great rail networks – they are efficient, inexpensive and simple. Yet then when it comes to the UK and Australia, prices are far higher and the trains are far *less* efficient. It just seems so ridiculous – where have we gone wrong?

  5. redracer said

    Yes, well as Mr Debnam so bravely threatened (as a good excuse for losing) – we are giving you guys (Labour) ONE last 4-year chance to get things working properly 🙂

  6. Chris said

    Well they got back in. So we can either resign ourselves to having a shitty train system for another 4 years, or keep hoping they’ll do their job and fix things.

    Either way I didn’t vote for anybody.

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