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2006 J-Pop awards

Posted by redracer on January 15, 2007

2006 was a big year for me musically, with a widening of my J-Pop experience & knowledge, and the ‘discovery’ of a number of ‘new’ artists.  

Somehow Japanese male singers in general don’t do anything for me, so you will find my interests and preferences lean towards females only – but not the ones with high squeaky childish voices that sound like a ferret on helium 😆

With this disclaimer in mind, here are my awards in a number of categories (many of which will never be seen in any mainstream awards list). Please also note that I have not heard every release from every artist of 2006, so there may be omissions that may appear glaring to some fans of other artists. If this is the case, please enlighten me, and any other comments/disagreements etc will be also be welcomed …

So, in no particular order, the winners for 2006 are ……..

  • Favourite Singer of the Year – Misia
  • Single of the Year – Kumi Koda for “4 hot wave”
  • Album of the Year – Kumi Koda for “Best – Second Session”
  • CD Package of the Year – Mai for “Maiself” (First Press edition)
  • DVD Package of the Year – Dreams Come True for “The Love Rocks Tour 2006”
  • Live Concert of the Year (musically) – Misia for “Star Package III – Music is a Joy Forever”
  • Live Concert of the Year (visual) – Ayumi Hamasaki for “Arena Tour 2006 A ~(miss)understood~”
  • Dance/R&B Artist of the Year – Namie Amuro
  • Dance/R&B Group of the Year – Soulhead
  • Most Emotional Singer – Kumi Koda
  • Sexiest Female Artist – Kumi Koda
  • Most Beautiful Female Artist – Hitomi Shimatani
  • Cutest Female Artist – Sowelu
  • Tryer of the Year – Ami Suzuki
  • Best User of English – Beni Arashiro
  • New Artist of the Year – Mink
  • ‘Veteran’ Performer of the Year – hitomi
  • Highest Achiever of the Year – Kumi Koda
  • Musician of the Year – Hikaru Utada for “Keep Tryin'”
  • ‘Graduate’ Performer of the Year – Nami Tamaki for “Graduation Singles”
  • Collaboration of the Year – Soulhead + Kumi Koda for “DDD/XXX”
  • PV of the Year – Kumi Koda for “Wind”
  • ‘Gospel’ Sound of the Year – Mika Nakashima for “All Hands Together”

13 Responses to “2006 J-Pop awards”

  1. […] from MISIA until now, after having won my “Favourite Singer of the Year” in my 2006 J-Pop Awards.  Therefore I must apologise very deeply to her – moshiwake gozaimasen […]

  2. Kat Von D said

    Kat Von D

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  3. redracer said

    Yes I do like her a lot, but when I did those awards I had not heard a lot of other good artists that I am aware of now.

    It’s hard to say one ‘best’ song, as she has done a lot of different styles. The ‘4 Hot Wave’ single has 4 very different types of song on it (funky R&B, heavy rock, pop & hip-hop R&B), so there should be something to interest everyone. I like one of her very early songs ‘Come with Me’, which has a very ‘summery’ pop feel. Other ‘pop’ songs I like are ‘Birthday Eve’ & ‘Wind’ from the ’12 singles’ collection, as well as ’emotional’ songs like ‘Yume no Uta’, and R&B songs like ‘DDD’ with Soulhead. All depends on what type of music you like…

  4. kyuen7 said

    yikes….a lesson to all…read everything before commenting..hhahaa…
    you like koda kumi a lot don’t you then? can you recommend her all time best song. I didn’t like her when i first saw her on some mtv, perhaps it wasn’t one of her better ones.

  5. redracer said

    These are MY ‘Awards of the Year’ Kyuen7, so it was ME that made up all the categories 🙂

  6. kyuen7 said

    “Somehow Japanese male singers in general don’t do anything for me, so you will find my interests and preferences lean towards females only – but not the ones with high squeaky childish voices that sound like a ferret on helium”

    hey…i feel exactly the same way ! i especially dislike those boy bands that appear so often on music station, you know Kat-tun, News, Kinki Kids…oh my god, i would go. And yes i know about those squeaky voice..hahaha…that was what i thought of japanese music years ago…they’re all the same…squeaky high pitch vocals singing anime songs. Of course with the exception of Shiina Ringo..she has squeaky vocals as well, but she is squeakingly nice…

    oh by the way, they have a ‘tryer of the year’ as well? and ‘gospel sound of the year’? they must have made the category up just so they can give something to Mika, well i’m glad they did..

  7. […] Top 5 Posts Amazon.co.jp sucks – CDJapan Rocks !!!Kumi Koda newsMika Nakashima – new album ‘YES’2006 J-Pop awardsNew single from Kumi Koda […]

  8. Mike said

    Dear Redracer,
    Was wearing my RM Williams on the day, but have not polished them since, if that’s any good.(need to live in Sydney to burn incense before them) Lived and worked in Tokyo for almost two years on a corporate restructuring; my Japanese goddaughter, then a student, introduced me to Misia. Missed her 2002 concert tour due to finishing my contract so stocked up at Shibuya HMV on her concert DVDs and have been topped up by my goddaughter since. Can I suggest you try the first concert tour, 99/00, first. Less polished, relatively, and more exuberant coming out of her ‘club’ phase – her trademark limitless energy well apparent. (Ignore the woeful Disneyland special effects – also, the male dance group, still with her so she obviously has a strong sense of family loyalty, have got better and their utter lack of talent is apparent from the outset) She sings one of her two English songs, “Never Gonna Cry” – her pronuciation is charming but fluent and her performance endearingly cheeky – obviously a love song to her fans who had got her to Yokahama Arena, from being an unknown business student, in just three years. This gratitude to her followers is another trademark. Wait for her encore,’Its Just Love”, and see if she is genuine or just the greatest Japanese actor since Toshiro Mifune. I have my theory but I’m interested in another observation.
    By the way, my companion, a former employee who is an interpreter, once was a singer in a girl band and worked in Music Business management, on seeing Misia for the first time and listeneing to four or five of her songs , made the telling comment, “You know, she has real talent – she does not have to take her clothes off to get you to notice her”.(if you check the concert website for 4 Feb 07 you may find a pic of the two of us giving the ancient English Archers’ getsure)

    Sorry to hog space and feel free to edit or just note this.

  9. redracer said

    Well if you have not washed those feet that stood on the hallowed arena that day, I would like to come around and touch them :-)))

    Glad to see there are more ‘admirers’ are out there. I will be reviewing some live DVD’s shortly, so keep a look out for them …

  10. Mike said

    Well, another Aussie ( I assume) who has discovered Misia. I’d thought I was her only admirer in this neck of the woods. ( Hate “fan” – someone who can’t think for themselves) Can’t disagree with your award to her. Last February, on a chance, saw her current concert in Yokahama after a business trip. Just as good in the flesh (even if somewhat visually overwhelmed in a 30000 seat arena without screens). As a long time (and fairly ancient) disco and female singer follower, she just is unique. Not one unpure note, soaring all across her dazzling and unequalled range, consumate technique and absolute and seeming unreserved connection with her quite smitten audience And what a well behaved audience – no phalanx of Samoans guading the stage, everyone polite and disciplined and very kind to the one and only blue eyed concert goer. Got the group around me really moving (“If the Gaijin does it, it must be all right”) and had a thoroughly charming and wonderful time, quite apart form Misia’s mesmerizing voice and powerhouse singing. Keep your comments coming.

  11. redracer said

    Thanks for your comments, and sorry the first one was ‘eaten’ – you have now been un-spammed 😀 and thanks for the link to Tamaru-chan.

    yes, I like the addition of a ‘gospel chorus’ sound to some J-pop releases – I wish they would do it more often Good ones that come to mind are Kohmi Hirose, with ‘Dear’, and ‘Show Time!’, and some of Misia’s stuff …

  12. misakey said

    Hi! I posted a comment, but it got eaten D:. I saw your comment on my blog and thought I’d pop over and say hi! Yamada Tamaru is hard to find info about (I barely have any of her songs either!), but here is her official site: http://www.tamaruyamada.jp/index.html
    (if u wanna see the PV, and don’t use bitorrent, I’ll up it for you. It is on J-pop Suki though 🙂

    It looks like we have the same kind of music taste – Ku-chan did really well last year, and I liked Mika’s gospel sound very much.

  13. misakey said

    Hi!! I read your comment on my blog, and just thought I’d check yours out too 🙂 No one knows about Yamada Tamaru, but I think that she’s really good. Kind of a folk singer, which isn’t really my style. It’s hard to find stuff about her, but here is her official site:

    BTW, I really like your list – I’m glad someone else liked Mika’s “All Hands Together” as much as I did!!

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